Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Problem With Dressing Like A Slob To Class

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The other day I overheard a conversation amongst students that made me scratch my head. I was at an unnamed office on campus at around 7PM filling out paperwork, with my back turned to the door. A girl who may have been wearing heels or something else flashy had walked passed the door. One of the Student Aides in the office looked at the girl who walked by, rolled her eyes, sucked her teeth and made the comment, "Some girls look like they wake up at 6AM to get dressed." This then sparked a conversation between two of the Student Aides in the office about getting dressed/ready for class. They all raved about how they take 10-20 minutes (???) to get ready. One said, "I usually wake up and just put on whatever is on the floor of my room." The other, who happened to be a girl, said, "It takes me 10 minutes to get ready. I don't have time in the morning to do all that extra stuff." They then went on to talk about how it's okay for college students to dress a little messy or slob-like to class...

Now. My problem here isn't so much that these students would rather get up as late as they can in the morning, throw on whatever piece of crap they please and rush to class. My problem is that they seemed to think less of the girl who decided to put a little more effort into her looks that day. What's wrong with caring about what you look like? Nothing. Just because you make the decision to put less time into your morning routine, doesn't make you a better person, nor does it make the girl a better person for putting in the effort. I was more annoyed that they thought it was okay and the "norm" for college students to look like a mess. I don't think it's okay for anyone to look like a slob. We all have our days where we decide to dress down and be a little more comfortable, but falling into the habit of not looking presentable is NOT okay in my book.

Personally, I don't wear sweats to class. Something my English cousin said to me once stuck in my head. When he came over to the United States for school, one of his first comments to me was "I don't understand you Americans and your collegiate sweats." And he's right. What is our big infatuation with wearing sweats and pajamas outside our homes? I used to do it as a teen, but now I see how gross it is. Let's face it, the way you present yourself, is the way people will perceive you.

If you choose to dress like a slob, fine. I won't judge. But if I choose to take the extra time to look cute, you don't judge either.

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