Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fashion is Art -- Oui ou Non?

Flannel: Old Navy
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Mandee
Boots: Guess?

Today's outfit is channeling a little bit of Gwen Stefani from her Luxurious Music Video; oh how I adore The Stefani. She's one of my personal Fashion icons (some may disagree that she is a Fashion icon, but ehh you say tomayto I say tomahto--not really lol.). I think she brings Fashion to its art form, but a little bit more on the self-expression side (does that make sense?). Check it out in the video! ;]

Anyway, today I got in trouble at work for reading the latest Harper's Bazaar (it's not my fault they don't have enough work for me to do, that I'd rather read than do nothing--haha). So while I was reading it, there was a lot of mention about art on clothing and the bold colors, and whatnot, and it got me remembering what I read in Vogue's January 2008 issue.

Amy Greenspon (whom I've never head of til I read this issue), says that she tries to separate the two, but is it really possible to separate the two? I mean they both go hand-in-hand; in a way, Fashion is a form of art. I don't know if art is a form of Fashion, but Fashion is definitely a form of art. So, eat that Amy Greenspon (you're still a fab. dresser though, haha).

I'll leave you with a message from an Angry Cow (it's pretty funny). Sorry Cow, I love my leather, but I don't believe in cruelty to animals, so judge me all you want PETA.

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