Friday, February 1, 2008

Food, Fashion, oh, and more food!


As you know, tonight I went out to eat with some friends. We ended up not going to Bobby Flay's restaurant, but instead went to this amazing Indian food restaurant called Dévi (8 East 18th Street--between 5th Avenue and Broadway). IT WAS SO GOOD! The service was UHHHMAZING! After a meal, they would instantly take our plates and replace our silver wear; the drinking glasses were never empty, for they just kept pouring water into our glasses; and, we even got a complementary dish from the chef! Part of me feels like they were just trying to up their service because they knew we were there for Restaurant week, but who cares, I loved the place and I might go back! Our dishes consisted of: Quail, scallops, chicken, goat cheese ice cream, fig cake, and more! The prices are reasonably priced, and the food is perfectly portioned that if you order an Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert, you'll be pleastantly full, yet not entirely broke--haha!
We also ate at Cupcake Cafe (545 9th Avenue and 18 West 18th Street)! ;]


Wow, you are all going to hate me when I tell you where I was tonight. As we all know, today is the start of NY Fashion Week! Okay, well, after Cupcake Cafe, we were walking down 18th Street and in the cafe we were JUST talking about sneaking into a Fashion show and how cool it would be to do that! Well, my fellow Fashionistas, since we are College students and we saw this big Fiji Water poster and thought we could get free water (yea, when you are a student on a campus where they charge you almost $2 for a bottle of water, you try to get as much free food & free drinks as much as you can, haha!), and thought that it would be nice since we just had cupcakes. So, we walk up to the door and this secruity officer is like get in! We look at eachother and think 'uh okay'. As soon as we get in my friend (the bubble gum blower) says 'OMG THIS IS A FASHION SHOW! OMG! OMG! THERE'S A RUNWAY!' We didn't know what to do because we were already in line and I really wanted to see a Fashion show anyway. So we creep pass the sign-in table and are waiting for almost 45 minutes for the show to start. Instantly, at the corner of my eye, I see this funky hair cut, glasses and skinny thing; I turn my head and OH MY GAHHH!--IT'S CHRISTIAN FROM PROJECT RUNWAY! I tell my friends and one of them is like 'OMG. OMG. Okay, let's not make a scene we wanna look like we belong.' The show starts and the collection is cute and very male-chic, but we are still stumped as to who the designer is. However, by the end of the show we see this cute Asian woman with a bob come out--it's Victorya Hong! I'm actually not surprised it's her collection because everything didn't really grasp me and even on Proejct Runway, her designs did not WOW me. But, I'm so happy she got a spot in NY Fashion Week!

Victorya Hong's Collection

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