Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Intern and The City: I Love New York

Every time my ears pop as the train goes into the ground and into Penn Station, my heart flutters a bit. There's something about New York City that makes me feel light hearted and free spirited. My editor was telling me yesterday about her and her friend's theory on crazy people and New York. Their theory is that New York City releases the inner crazy; if you're already crazy when you come to New York, well then you're just going to get a whole lot crazier. This conversation followed the sighting of a man walking around in nothing but speedo underwear (no, not the Naked Cowboy). PAHAHA! Only in New York, only in New York!

Today I was fortunate enough to write something for the website! [Click here if you want to read it] Before it was placed on the website, it was a hott mess, but my lovely editor made some corrections and even went over with me what was wrong with it. I learned a lot! Not even an English teacher has ever gone over my writing like she did today. It's sad, but true. They would correct my paper and never explained why I was wrong, thus my grammar is HORRIBLE. But, I'm working on it. All in all, I love my internship. I'm still a little quiet because I get shy around new people, but hopefully that will change in a couple of weeks.

My dress may look familiar. I wore it a while back in one of my posts. I added the scarf because, mmm I'm not sure, haha! I just didn't feel like using the belt that came with it.


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