Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Intern and The City: Interns RULE!

They say you never know someone until you talk to them, and quite frankly, who ever said that was right! Today I met the lovely Miss Couturable and she's completely different than the girl I concocted up in my mind. I expected an extremely proper and soft-spoken girl, but instead I was graced with the presence of an extra cute and sweet girl who laughs a lot! She kind of reminded me of my roommate whom I adore.

Ya know, I seem to continuously befriend people online before I meet them in person. Seriously, I met Homie C through the blogosphere and a couple of my friends at school through Facebook. Have you ever done that? Meet someone online and decide to meet them in person (safely of course).

Haha well, like future New Yorkers we walked to the subway in flats/flip-flops and then switched to heels before our route to the partay, woo! While at the party we met Teen Fashionista and Pretty Legit! Teen Fashionista is so chill and Pretty Legit is super cool. Remember in middle school when there was that one girl you wished would be your friend because they seemed to be "cooler" than you? Yeah, Pretty Legit is that girl.

Hopefully, all of us interns will one day get together and eat lunch/dinner or shop 'til we drop!


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