Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Secretista Survives Midterms: Sleep


2. Sleep. John Locke, a great philosopher once said, "The good educator insists on exercise, play, and plentiful sleep." And hot damn he was right! Of course getting enough sleep is a no brainer, but I think college kids get into the habit of staying up late for no reason (I'm guilty of that sometimes). Pulling all nighters to finish papers or study because of procrastination becomes the new black once you enter college, and I envy those who can manage to get a good night's rest. However, I find that when I try--really REALLY try--and get enough sleep, I feel energized and happy. All of a sudden, studying for my midterms don't seem so bad. It's like entering a whole new dimension of academia. Nevertheless, I think we all need some sleep because we live in such a face paced world that some serious Zzz are a great reward to a hard working student.


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