Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're All Winners!

A winner has been drawn for the Chickdowntown contest!!!

Here's how it happened: 28 people entered. I placed each name on a list in the order they commented on the post. I then generated a random number using the True Random Number Service, clicked generate 3 times for good luck and came up with the number 9. As luck would have it, the person whose name was placed in the number 9 slot is a friend and a former fellow Fashion Intern. What are the odds?! What's funny about this whole thing is that she actually threatened me via Facebook to rig the contest and make sure she won. I guess the fashion gods knew that the dress was hers! Congrats Lora!!

Truth be told, I wanted the dress for myself. It's a perfect flowery frock creation. Check out for this BB Dakota dress and great accessories from Rachel Leigh jewelry. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more giveaways and sales!

On another note, I'm going missing for the next couple of days. I'm heading back to school to take care of a couple of things and fulfill one of the goals on my long list of college must-dos. Like, start a fashion club, check; be an editor at my school's newspaper, check; have more than two internships by the time I graduate, double check. But back to my main point, my school will be paying me and others $10 an hour to participate in a one-day photo shoot. Sure I'm super excited to finally be a "Hofstra Face," but what I'm more excited about is the money I'll be making. Cha-ching! Hopefully they'll keep me around for the whole day, so I make more than just... $10. Haha!

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