Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Already Fashion WEAK

Remains from my 5th box of Tissues in 5 days.

New York Fashion Week begins this Thursday (!!) and I'm already exhausted. I'm not only exhausted from thinking about my activities and work (because Fashion Week is actually work for me), but I'm physically exhausted from this cold I am battling!

It began sometime last week as a scratchy throat and sporadic sniffles. I watched it blossom into a full-blown cold, but thought I'd be nipping it in the bud with Mucinex. Wrong. Friday night, I witnessed my voice slowly wither away from my ground-shaking chest cough as I watched Dear John with my college cronies; the constant tears caused by the movie didn't help my stuffy nose either. I have high hopes my voice will at least return by Thursday, but until then, I shall remain silent.

I'm going on a bit of a tangent here, but you know what I hate more than feeling under-the-weather? It's having to take a sick day because you are feeling ill. Ugh! It's such a waste of a day. All I did today was sit in my room and watch Reality TV marathons on Bravo. And because I felt rather lethargic, I didn't do the reading for my classes. Meaning, I must do them now. I feel a pop-quiz coming on. Grr.

In addition, you probably won't see me blogging for another week. You will most likely see my NYFW related posts on TeenVogue.com. Be sure to follow Teen Vogue on Twitter to get the latest scoop from the Runways!

Now, excuse me as I delve back into the fiery pits of Dante's Inferno...

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